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Liturgical Minister's Schedule & Prayer List


                                                                          Our Lady of Perpetual Help

                                                                        Liturgical Minister's Schedule


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                                                                                       NOVEMBER 2014




















 1st Dianna VanCleave

2nd Doug Willems

Dalton Judd

Trent Judd


Dianna V. Daesean & Jadan

Joe & Judy   Yates  

Eula Buck


Joan Leachman Debbie Lollar


Bobby & Monica P.




1ST Bill Chandler    

  2ND Marc Daniels

Jared Gilbert Mason Philips Maria Judd


Mary & Theresa Wilkerson


Rick & Dottie Davis


Pat Reff


Bill Chandler  Mark Lollar


Lucille St. Clair





1st Mike Daniels     

2nd Eugene Goode

 Collin & Carson Watson


Doug & Judy Willems


Paul Gilbert Family


 Jill Chandler


    Tom Lyons   Mike Newcomb


Eugene Goode





1st Hugh Leachman

2nd Pat Reff

Jared Gilbert Luke Coyle


Luke & Pam Williams


Mark & Debbie Lollar


Mary Newcomb


Eugene Goode Gary Thomas


Pat Hash




1ST Fred Schuhmann 2ND Jeffery S.

Dalton Judd Trent Judd

Joe & Judy Yates

Barbara Lyons Bertha Richerson

Eula Buck


Betty Hearon

Kathy Myers

Bobby & Monica P.


Mark Lollar, Tom Lyons

If you cannot fulfill your assignment, please get a replacement. To volunteer for a ministry call the office at 465-4282


Eugene Goode, Hugh & Joan Leachman, Jimmy & Therese Richerson (Please clean the vessels after Mass. Thanks)




                     Please Keep these parish members and family and friends in your prayers.

                  Parish Members

Liz Hays      Anne Farmer      Rosie Smith       James Holbrook
James Russell   Juliet Kirtley   Kenny Browning   Judy Yates
Laverne Wethington   Billy Goodin   Ross Mensik   Anna Jean Williams
Phyllis Webster   Charlotte Buckman   Geri Miller   Gary Goodin
Lula Mae Farmer   George Hatcher   Jim Whitlock   Thad Smith
John Sanders   Mary Peterson   Opal Porter Nally   Laura Lamer
Dianna VanCleave   Geraldine Brewer    Pat Reff   Don & Tootsie Wheatley
Margaret Taylor   Kevin O'Bannon   Kay Hunt   Ricky Brewer


                     Family and Friends

Name      Submitted By         Name       Submitted By
Steve Wilson   Wilma Wilson        Larry Curry    
Shirley Kirtley   Juliet Kirtley   Joyce Abell   Kathy Hawthrone 6/12   
Dorothy Thompson   Juliet Kirtley   Jennifer Durham & Family    
Michael Smith   Juliet Kirtley                  Betty Thornton   Wanda Downs 7/13
Kim Stewart        Faye Faulkner  7/12   June Sooter   Pat Hash 9/12
David Giroux   Marcia Gilbert   Mary Lou Spalding      Wilma Wilson 3/13
Carol Golden   Geri Miller 8/13   Margaret Lucas   Marie Thomas 6/13
Linda Myers   Kathy Myers 2/14   Robert Hicks   Visitor 7/13
Jamie Hill   Kathy Myers 2/14   Tracy Mongomery   Pat Hash 12/13
Larry Akin   Pat Hash 3/14   James Tucker   Sandra Tucker 2/14
Tommy Wilcher   Pat Hash 3/14   Joyce Nunn   Deveral Sexton 5/14
Kevin Bland   Janet Dixon 11/14   Donnie Abney   Rebecca Ann Chaudoin6/14
Carroll Bland   Janet Dixon 11/14   Jean Lee   Janet Dixon 7/14
Russell Buckman   Frances Buckman 9/14   Kevin Bland   Janet Dixon 9/14
Jackie Wethington   Eula Buck 9/14   Sheila Wethington   Eula Buck 9/14
Katelyn Lawson   Anne Sutty 9/14   Addie Nelson   Gayle Straley Feldman 9/14
Billie Downs   Wanda Downs 11/14   Michael Reff   Pat Hash 11/14
Kenneth Rogers   Pat Hash 11/14   Nicki Wilcoxson   Pat Hash 1/14


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