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Religious Education

Parents are the primary educators of their children when it comes to teaching and passing on the Catholic faith. To assist parents with the faith formation process Our Lady Perpetual Help offers Religious Education classes for child Kn - 8th grade.

Classes meet each Wednesday 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  

Registration forms are available online or at each of the church exits or you may contact the parish office.

We look forward to having your child in class.

                                                          OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP

                                                                  RELIGIOUS EDUCATION



                                                                              REGISTRATION FORM

                                                                                   THE PARENTAL AGREEMENT



Student's Name: ____________________________________________  Grade in School: _______

Student's Date of Birth: _____ /_____ /_______                   Previous Rel. Ed Grade: _________

Mother’s Name: ____________________________________________________________________

Father's Name: _____________________________________________________________________

Guardian Name:  ___________________________________________________________________

Primary Address:____________________________________________________________________

Home Phone: (_______)­ _______-_____________ 

Cell Phone: (______) _________-____________ Name: ____________________________________

Cell Phone: (______) _________-____________ Name: ____________________________________

Cellular Service Provider:____________________________________________________________

Text Updates to: ____________________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact (Name, Relation, Number):


Email(s): __________________________________________________________________________

Baptismal Information   For First Communion and Confirmation students a Baptismal certificate must be attached with your child's registration. If baptized at OLPH or OLH we already have a record.

Parish of Baptism: __________________________________________________________________

Sacraments -  Check and give name and address of Parish where Sacrament was received:

First Communion_____             Parish__________________________________________________________

First Penance________             Parish__________________________________________________________

Confirmation_________             Parish__________________________________________________________

* Please sign parental/guardian agreement on the back



Realizing the awesome responsibility of my commitment to God in seeing that my child has a living understanding of the Roman Catholic Faith, I am asking my faith community to aid me in my task as primary educator by establishing a Catechetical Program in which my child can participate.

I agree to participate fully in the program: by attending Mass every Sunday; by the regular attendance of my child; by assisting the Religious Education Teachers; and by praying and sharing my faith with my child.  By my signature I fully agree with and support our Religious Education Program. 

We would like to have this commitment from both parents and/or guardians to show full support of your child(s) participation in his or her Catholic faith foundation. 

I would like to teach/volunteer with this year's term:     Yes________       No_________


Signature ___________________________________________    Dated________________________ 

Signature ___________________________________________    Dated________________________




As a student in the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, I pledge to do my best to learn and grow in my faith. I will act with respect towards myself, other students, members of the parish, and God’s creation. I will regularly attend CCD classes and will join with my parish community to celebrate Sunday Masses.

Signature of Student: ____________________________________________Date:___________________


** Please return registration and payment as soon as possible to

Our Lady of Perpetual Help church office. **


Religious Education Fee $20.00 per Family. (If you have a financial hardship, please contact the pastor).