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Minister's Schedule & Prayer List



Our Lady of Fatima


Liturgical Minister's Schedule




                   DECEMBER 2018


                        Lector                        Richard RoBards

                        Usher                         James Brown

                        Gifts                           Linda RoBards, Carolyn Brown

                        Euch. Ministers       Debbie Mattingly, Greg & Charlotte Murphy

                        Servers                      Alexis Lanz, Connor Gaunce, Karsyn Gaunce

                        Clean Church           Debbie Mattinly

                        Sacristan                   Gary Murphy

 Greeter                      Linda RoBards





Prayer List



Contact the parish office at 465-4282, email to have names placed or removed from the prayer list. Or drop your list into the collection basket



Nevita Caldwell Joyce Abell Matt Thompson
Wendell Belton Theresa Goodin Robbie Turbin Family
Elvina Belton Pauline Wise Jerry Hagan
Missy Colvin Matilda Cox Frances Buckman
Irvin Bland Marliyn Cameron Matt Thompson
Sam Abell    

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